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Past Workshops

Art of the Deal

Rachael Stanley is back to instruct the 'Art of the Deal' seminar aimed at helping to empower members to understand that negotiating is a learned art that you can make work for you!

Some of the topics covered will be:

Cine RT Workshop

ICG 669,  Focus Bug Technologies Inc and Sim Camera are teaming up to offer members a look at the fundamentals of the Cine RT System.  This ultrasonic camera mounted rangefinder system uses cutting edge computing solutions to provide camera assistants with precision clocking and high sampling rates ensuring continuous accurate measurements. Come join us for an informative, hands on session.

QTake Workshop

This one-day QTake Workshop offers participants an overview of the QTake systems, as wells as hands-on learning opportunities. The class will be set up with multiple live cameras, and a small greenscreen, simulating a multi-camera film or TV Shoot.