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Safety Websites – includes Work Safe Alberta and Occupational Health & Safety (St. John Ambulance)  – this website provides a full range of resources including specific camera safety bulletins, fact sheets, forms, safety training courses and a “General Code of Safety Practices for Production” which covers the following:
1. General Rules
2. Lifting & Moving Objects
3. Common Fall Risks
4. Chemicals and Flammable Materials
5. Hand Tools and Related Equipment
6. Filming Equipment & Vehicles
7. Electrical Safety
8. Water Hazards
9. Stunts and Special Effects
10. Artificially Created Smokes, Fogs & Dust Effects
11. Firearms & Other Weapons
12. Animals
13. Environmental Concerns

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16 October

Today, The CW Network launched its fall campaign, 'Open To All,' featuring different faces from all CW series promoting diversity and inc