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NOTICE from the IATSE National Electrical Committee

On behalf of Peter DaPrato, International Representative:

*** NOTICE ***

It has come to the attention of the IATSE National Electrical Committee, that one of the Canadian suppliers of lighting equipment for the film industry discovered asbestos in several of their older pieces of lighting equipment, specifically Mole Richardson lamps. The asbestos found was level 1 asbestos, the lowest of the three levels of asbestos. It has been determined that the lamps in questions were lamps constructed prior to 1981. If you have any lamps that pre-date 1981, we recommend a careful inspection of these lamps and if asbestos is found, please have them professionally serviced either by the manufacturer or someone who is trained in asbestos abatement.

If you have any questions regarding this notice please contact the National Electrical Committee member of your local.

In Solidarity,

Peter DaPrato


IATSE National Electrical Committee

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