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Respectful Workplace Training

Sun Dec 9, 2018
Bridge Studios
Studio 7, 2nd Floor Boardroom 2400 Boundary Rd, Burnaby, BC
$50 No-Show Fee
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Michelle Yardley

Respectful Workplace Training for Film Workers is designed specifically for the film industry. This course examines acceptable and unacceptable workplace behaviours, including those that are considered bullying and harassment.  

Using the Occupational Health & Safety lens, this day long course identifies the responsibilities of employers, supervisors, and workers with regard to prevention and response, and provides practical strategies to improve communication and create a positive workplace environment. 

  • Increase participants’ understanding of discrimination, bullying and harassment in the workplace.
  • Exploration of Cultural Sensitivity.
  • Explore relevant laws, WCB policies, the union’s collective agreement and employer’s policies to prevent and deal with discrimination, bullying and harassment.
  • Provide tools and examples of best practices for responding to bullying and harassment.
  • Our legal duties under the Workers Compensation Act
  • Recognizing the potential for workplace bullying and harassment
  • The legal duties of employers, workers, and supervisors for preventing and responding to workplace bullying and harassment
  • Reporting procedures
  • Dealing with incidents or complaints, including investigations
  • What co-workers can do to stop bullying and harassment
  • Understanding how you & others deal with conflict in the workplace

*Please Note: A $50 No-Show Fee will be applied to the account of any member who registers for an ICG | 669 workshop or training course and fails to cancel their registration in advance of 1 week prior to the start time of the workshop or training course.

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