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Member Orientation

Sun Jun 2, 2019
ICG 669 Office
217-3823 Henning Drive Burnaby, BC
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Michelle Yardley

This one-day workshop is designed to help Members navigate the busy working environment on set by highlighting best practices from 669 professionals. This course is mandatory for all union members that have joined within the last 3 years, and is the prerequisite to enrolling in the Master Series Courses and/or Mentorship Program you won’t want to miss out on! 

This workshop offers:
•   The ins and outs of your pivotal role on set
•   Building essential relationships 
•   Navigating Deal Memos, Kit Rentals, Payroll & Contracts
•   Support within the community
•   Interpersonal & Leadership skills
This is a GREEN EVENT! 

Carpool if possible
Bring your own water bottle and coffee cup

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