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Junior Publicists Workshop

Sat Jan 19, 2019 to Sun Jan 20, 2019
ICG 669 Office
217-3823 Henning Drive Burnaby, BC
$50 Deposit to reserve your seat (refundable upon completion)
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Michelle Yardley

Communicating effectively and efficiently with a target audience is critical to the success of any production, and as the landscape of traditional media has evolved to include multi-platform marketing, so has the role of Publicists. 

Unit Publicity is a vital component in planning, prepping, managing and delivering various marketing and publicity assets to Producers/Networks and, increasingly, to streaming services such as Amazon, Apple and Netflix. 

This workshop is designed for Junior Publicists who have past publicity experience and would like to expand their knowledge base and communication strategies, and learn how to effectively manage all publicity and marketing assets to bring an exceptional package of deliverables to producers. 

This workshop will cover:

·      The Basics & Your Deliverables

·      EPK

·      Unit Photography

·      Social Media

·      Gallery Shoots

·      Marketing or Special Shoots

·      General Crew Communications

·      Written Materials including:

·      Press Kit/Production Notes

·      Publicity Reports

·      Press Releases

·      On-set Interviews/Press and Junkets

·      Media Outreach

·      Cast Contracts

·      Communicating with Agents/Publicists

·      Negotiating Wage & Workspace

·      Finding Employment

·      The Differences Between TV and Features

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