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Shop Steward Resources

ICG 669 Shop Steward Resources

Becoming an ICG 669 Shop Steward:

1. Individuals interested in becoming an ICG 669 Shop Steward must attend the three (3) required ICG 669 Workshops: 

  • Shop Steward Workshop
  • Occupational Health & Safety 1 Training
  • Respectful Workplace Workshop
2. Individuals that have completed the required workshops will poll the camera department to:
  • See if there are other individuals interested in the role of Shop Steward
  • To ensure the camera crew is comfortable with the Shop Steward Nominees
3. Once the camera crew has been polled and the crew feel comfortable with the individuals interested in becoming Shop Steward, then an email request should be sent to the Professional Development | Safety Advocate at the ICG 669 office with the list of individuals nominated as Shop Steward for that production.
4. The Professional Development | Safety Advocate will submit the request to the Shop Steward Committee for review and approval.
5. The Shop Steward Committee will appoint if there is more than one applicant.
6. Once the Shop Steward is approved the Professional Development | Safety Advocate will send an official letter to the individual, the production and (if production is in BC and signed with the Joint Council) the BCCFU.  
7. The individual will then be sent a Shop Steward Letter of Agreement to be signed and sent back to the Professional Development | Safety Advocate at  
8. Shop Stewards are eligible for $10 flat rate per day, but only after the ICG 669 Shop Steward Letter of Agreement has been signed and countersigned. 
Procedure for dues reimbursement
In order to receive the $10 flat rate per day:
1. ICG 669 Shop Steward Letter of Agreement must be signed by both the Shop Steward and Steward Representative in the ICG 669 Office. 
2. Shop Stewards are required to complete a Shop Steward Time Report at the end of the production and include pay stubs showing days worked to the Controller at the ICG 669 office no later than 30 days from show wrap or Shop Stewards could forfeit their right to reimbursement of Shop Steward payment.
3. Shop Steward payments will be processed quarterly. 


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